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Thread: Put my M12 on a dyno today...

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    Put my M12 on a dyno today...

    Here's the video: Pardon the poor quality cell phone video...

    And here's the results:
    Noble dyno 1.jpg

    Not overly impressive compared to some of ya'll, but I think it's pretty good anyway.

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    Nice dyno do you know what boost it was at?

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    Thanks! I'm pretty happy about it. Id like to find a little more in it at some point, but for now it does alright. Shift kit is next.

    Unfortunately, my local dyno doesn't have a hookup to measure boost, but according to the boost gauge it was about 1.1 bar or right around 15 psi (ish).

    Eventually, if I want to do any more serious tuning, I'm gonna need to find a shop here with boost measurements on the dyno.

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    not bad at all. a stock m400 makes less than that!
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