The Noble-Speed Forum is strictly non-commercial - no advertising of any kind is allowed in posts, blogs, messages, .sigs, etc. The only exceptions to this rule are the use of the For Sale and the Dealer's Lounge areas of the Forum.

The For Sale area
This area is intended to facilitate the person-to-person sale of cars and parts. This area is not for dealers, vendors, brokers, service facilities, shops, parts providers, manufacturers, or any other commercial businesses to sell their products or services. "Group Buy" organizing is allowed, but please contact ForumSuperMod for permission before posting any group buys.

The Dealer's Lounge area
This area is for commercial businesses to post their products and services. To post an ad in this area, you must be a Supporting Vendor on the board. Please contact ForumSuperMod for information on how you can become a supporting vendor.