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Thread: Supercar teaser trailer - M12 camera car

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    Supercar teaser trailer - M12 camera car

    So, here's a very short video I put together yesterday with footage from a cruise I went on with some friends (kinda an informal "club")
    This is a very fast, short, trailer style video for those of you with short attention spans.

    My car is a 2004 M12, and it was being used as the camera car.

    I've also made a much less flashy video showing the entire brief run up that segment of road which I'll post as well. It's currently uploading to YouTube.

    I just thought some of you folks might like to see this, so here it is! Feel free to share it or whatever, if you want.


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    And... here's the full drive video. No music, minimal graphics, not going super fast, because my buddy in the 911 ahead of me was too slow... But still pretty enjoyable.

    My interior camera is crooked, and mounted too high. My rear-view camera should be either lower or higher to give a better view under or over the wing... But for my first attempt at a video like this, I'm pretty satisfied. Would love to hear what you guys think!


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    NICE job!!!

    when we are at the race track, there's so much going on that we never get a chance to do multiple cameras.
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