I'm thankful to have the job I have. Meeting unique individuals for these cars has probably been one p the highlights of my career.

Mike flew in yesterday and spent the entire day/evening at the shop. We've worked with him before and he's one of our favorite patrons.

He's been racing motorcycles for forty years and still tracks super bikes today. In two years, he mentions that hell stop, but keep tracking his cars (noble, cobra, ultima, etc...).

He spent the day taking pictures, emailing his son that skillfully pilots their noble as well and deciding what's next.

He jumps in the Radical, loves it. He looks at the grampeman race car, loves it. He gets into DV, loves it.

At the end of the day,
I mention to him if he's ever raced and acquired license. He's close, just needs to finish medical.

He told me that he has saved up airline miles to frequent California. Hmmmmmmm........ I have an idea. Why not race with Robert, John and DV!!!!!!!!!!!!!? The simple answer was, "OK!!!!!! I'd love to just be part of the team and even run in the rear and block of the competition!"

Also, the wow factor of two nobles at his home race track and time with his 19 year old son is priceless at the track. Hmmmmm...... Reminds me of someone!!!!!!

I always look to others as to where I might be in 10 years. Yes, I want to be at the track too!!!!! And with my kids!!!!


Peaking at the grapeman mobile.


Maybe a radical!!!!


He formally meets our team.


Gets the feel for jumpin over a welded in door bar.


Testing seat position and new steering angle.

Great seeing you, mike!!!!!

We look forward to the next time!!!!