Okay, guys. Now I really need a hand. I replaced all the LED bulbs in the indicator lights and that rectified the issue with the signal light.

The alternator issue is still unresolved, despite some hopes here that swapping the bulbs back would solve the problem. I'm hoping someone can walk me through diagnosing the issue. The fact that it started immediately after I played around with my stereo install seems to point in that direction, however everything is back to OEM form except my dash guage light bulbs (and the stereo, of course, but it used the old wires from the original deck), and I'm getting no charge.

Can someone give me a walk-through of the procedure for trouble-shooting the alternator? I'm hoping to get under the car this weekend once I get it on stands in order to check belt tension and wiring. Other than that, how do I test the voltage regulator or potentially bypass it to ensure that the alternator itself is working?