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Thread: Rossion Noble Import

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    Rossion Noble Import

    Does anyone know if the Rossions (and old Nobles) come through customs as completely disassembed parts OR partially assembled? This is really a question regarding how customs via thses "parts"

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    the chassis arrive without drive train, and they are almost fully assembled as a "roller".
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    Ok does anyone know the customs house broker Rossion uses to import these? No one in Galveston seems to know the customs rules for importing a non regulated vehicle...DOT and EPA says its possible BUT customs arent sure of how the HS7 import form needs to be completed.....aaarrgghhhh

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    You are overthinking this .
    Rossion is the importer--they handle all the dealings with customs etc. There should be no reason at all for you to deal with that arm of the government bureaucracy.
    BTW it has never been possible to import a turn-key Noble or Rossion vehicle for road use.

    At any rate, AFAIK Rossion bought the tooling from Hi-Tech, and at some point in the future they plan to build everything in the U.S.
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