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Thread: Rossion single turbo

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    Thanks so much! Each car is like a canvas which we create unique vehicles to the customer's request. Most of the cars we've modified are one-off and sit in collections across the U.S.

    Toyo has an updated for the R888. It's supposed to be quieter. Use 245/275.
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    Thanks Hoover. I'll go with those sizes.

    BTW where is the oil filter? I want to replace the Redline in there now with Motul 300 or Moble 1 ASAP.

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    I'd just like to weigh in. I bought a Hoovered Rossion a couple of years ago.

    What an amazing build. I track thre crap out of it and the motor is built like a rock.

    Some of you may have expiereinced that braking is a probem on these cars. Willy in Ohio set me up with AP RACING C6 Corvette brakes - amazing stopping power with no fade or vibration. Originally used HAWK DTC70 pads. Whoa, lockup city. Went down to Ferodo DC2500 and probome solved. never brake fade and no lockup.

    Have a colling issue now as the summer heats up. I run WatterWetter which helps. And have tired a number of other solutions. Looking to swap out the rad for a double core unit.

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