Hi all,

Just a plug for the upcoming East Coast Noble/Rossion/Ultima event at CMP Monday 27 April 2020. Sign up can be found at:


$350 for unlimited lap time and driver's lunch. Ride alongs are fine, instructors avail if you want. Please see details on sign up page. If you are not familiar with CMP, it is located in Kershaw SC, approx the middle of the state. Very safe track. Google on you tube and there are tons of videos on how to drive the line, etc if that stuff appeals to you. Just having fun and socializing is good too!

I am not setting up event, but just wanted to advertise to others in case they missed it

I will be setting up a no cost scale station if you want to corner weight your car. I will also be doing t-shirts like last year (at cost, prob about $20). We will of course try to get lots of pix and i am trying to learn how to fly a drone with gopro to get some aerial shots. We'll see how that goes, hahahaha..

Hope to see you there!!