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Thread: Blowerbox 3R and M400

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    Blowerbox 3R and M400

    Hello fellow Noble owner,
    I am organising a second production batch for an Aluminium blowerbox.
    It is a great winter project.

    Why ? The orginal plastic blowerbox tend to crack due to age. The plastic becomes brittle.
    Therefor I designed an aluminium one and is professionally produced by a local company.
    It fits M12 2.5 (serial numbers 21 and up), alle M12 3.0 and M400.
    For the first 20 serial numbers of the 2.5 liters, there is another box designed and will go soon in production.
    For idea if it fits.

    The first batch has been delivered and few people already installed it. Few were shipped to the US.
    I have a few people on the waiting list for a second batch but not yet enough to start the second batch to keep prices low.

    kit contains:
    3 lasercut and folded Aluminium panels to make the box
    3.2 mm drill bit
    screws for the hatch
    An digital assembly manual with pictures (can be accessed via FB prior acquiring the kit so you can judge if this is something for you).

    Tools required ; A small drilling machine for only a few holes, most of the holes are pre-drilled and a riveter.

    Pricing for the kit
    UK : 120 pounds
    USA : 160 dollar

    Excluding : 2 pcs x 63 mm aluminium flange (as seen on the picture) however I can direct you where to source in the UK. or you can try to re-use the one on the plastic box (hazzle).

    Shipping costs from Belgium (insured and track/trace):
    UK 22 pounds
    USA 48 dollar

    This aluminium box is re-usable (replacing rivets) so if your current blower stops working after many years,
    there a new blowers from SPAL who will fit within this box with minor rework (simple flat adapterplate).

    Please send me a PM if you are interested. The second batch will be the last batch since it is quite time consuming. On facebook, in the Noble owners group, more information can be found.
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    Where is this located and what is it used for? I don't see anything like this in my M400 engine bay. Thanks for all your hard work.


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    Its your "Heater/AC box" under the front clam
    Big black box directly between/underneath your wipers, just to the left of your break/master cylinder reservoir as you look from the front to the back of your car.

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    Thanks Doug.

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    Hoover built a new heater box for my M12, very nice piece...........

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