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Thread: Updates all at once......

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    Updates all at once......

    Hey Folks,

    I apologize for not being able to post anything in months. My IPhone doesn't allow me to post pictures etc for some reason and it's far too difficult to type out any long messages without a keyboard.

    I'm going to do my best to catch everything we've been doing the past few months:

    Dog Box- That was a RPITA. I was held up by the manufacturer for 3.5 years and after many many many phone calls, emails, begging, pleading etc...... I received enough sets to fulfill orders. I'm pretty sure I lost some hair going through this!!!!

    New Car Body- The doors, rockers, splitter and front clam are done machining. We're at the rear of the vehicle and hope to have those panels completed within a few weeks.
    HVR- installed engine, transmission, plumbing dry sump now.....

    Widebody- I've designed concept panels that make the Noble fairly outrageous and wild. I've decided to move forward and digitally model the body work and machine a prototype.

    I have a ton of pictures with all the cars we are building.

    The Noble market has grown. We receive more calls for Nobles than ever.

    As a company, there is no doubt that each division has had substantial growth since last year. We're thankful to prosper with a limited amount of vehicles and the specialty work we do.
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    Cool looking forward to seeing some pictures

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    Can you take an advantage of the wide body e.g. by widening the track WITHOUT affecting the suspension geometry negatively? I looked into that on my MG and it would require additional changes to the suspension...

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