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Thread: Realistic? Maybe a project car?

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    Realistic? Maybe a project car?

    Having owned several Lotus over the years (currently a 94 S4), I have always been interested in a Noble or Rossion and am thinking of selling my S4 to fund one. Is it unrealistic to think I could get into one for $40-45k? Searches have shown some close to that but nothing available at the moment as far as I can find. I can turn wrenches and have done a lot of the work on my Lotus so I am open for a project car, preferably running. If so, other than this forum, where is the best place to look for a project Noble/Rossion?


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    I was able to get into my m12 for under 45k. Not likely to find a Rossion in that price range. There is a M400 on eBay. Also try the

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