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    New Noble

    Hello, I am a proud new owner of Noble M400 #165. Bought it in Indianapolis, drove it down here (Sarasota, Florida), and just getting to enjoy it. The only problem currently is the A/C which does not blow cold - a distinct disadvantage in Florida..even in the winter. Otherwise, am thinking of taking it on the track as an alternative to my 911 Carrera S, but I've heard some stories about heating issues. Anybody know anything about that?

    Very happy to join this community, and I look forward to being a member for the foreseeable future.

    Happy Christmas to all,

    RichardNoble 1.jpgNoble 2.jpg

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    Looks fantastic. So how many times in that journey did other cars pull up to you in astonishment.

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    Thanks...and, yes, I had quite a few gas station questions, as well as one car that drove alongside for a mile or two on the interstate taking - it seemed - an inordinate number of photographs. Fame at last!

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    Congrats on treating yourself to a nice Holiday present.

    On the AC issue--the first thing to check is probably the heater by-pass valve. You will find plenty of posts on this subject on the forum with a little searching.
    Unfortunately, there is no blend door in the Noble HVAC system, and if that valve is cracked open even a slight amount you will get heat in the cockpit rather than A/C. Also, unfortunately, that valve is located deep in the tunnel so it's not easy to get to.
    Refrigerant leaks (caused by bad o-rings) were also common, so that would be another place to check.

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    Thanks - I checked (and replaced) the O-rings, but still warm air after after a few minutes. Though - truth be said - it kind of cycles on and off - I can hear the compressor engaging so i think that is OK, but I will get a few minutes of cool-ish air, followed by same of warm air, then back to cool-ish. never very cold, for sure. That could be the by-pass valve?

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