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Thread: Hooverized Rossion Q1 for Sale

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    Hooverized Rossion Q1 for Sale

    After three years I am selling my Rossion Q1

    Details:History of the car:

    It is a 2009, so built as a roller by HiTech in South Africa who also built the Nobles.
    I think I’m the forth owner. I bought it in January 2015 from a guy in Houston who had it at Turbo Hoses for almost a year.

    TurboHoses Dyno shows 492hp at rear wheels. I can drive it hard all day and after spending a lot of time making minor changes here and there related to heat dissipation, it’s a rock star. And everyone wants to know what it is.

    I bought it for the track (HPDE, not racing), as I found the cost of driving my older Ferrari on the track was getting prohibitive parts cost wise.

    The Hooverizing was about $70k.
    I’ve also spent a fair bit making it more bullet proof:

    - Custom kevlar racing clutch (perhaps little grabby for 1st gear on the street)
    - Seat back exit holes were raised so that shoulder harness would not spine compress (I'm 6'1")
    - Modified 4 pt harness to 5pt to avoid submarining (still has street 3pt)
    - rad fan kill switch - we found that the fans act like a wall buffeting the air when running at speed. Better to run without the rad(s) and turn them on as you pit.
    - full four corner balance done by race shop (6thGear) major handing difference noticed
    - AP Racing' C6 Corvette rotors all four corners, car stops, no brake fade or chatter, and Ferodo Racing 2500 pads all four corners. Thanks to Willy.

    The car runs in the mid to high 1:30s lap times at Mosport which puts it up against some of the cup cars.

    This summer, I put on a carbon fibre front clam, which reduced the front end weight by about 40 lbs. but then it became too light in the front at speed (>120mph), so I put on the CF canards which plant the front end nicely.

    There are two sets of wheels, one set of Forgeline wheels with Michelin race slicks (like art gum, new July 2017)) and another more stock set with Toyo Proxies 888s for wet work.

    Winter 2016-2017, it saw two US track day events - Daytona and Sebring. Spent the rest of the winter on my lift in the garage.

    The past two summers, the car has stayed at Mosport Race Track, being maintained by 6ThGear racing. The only street use was to drive to another track once for a day and back. This year I probably did 10 track days which is average for me.
    It wants for nothing.

    I am selling as I have bought a Radical SR3 for track days.

    Pics below. Some from previous owner.

    Price $55k firm FOB Naples FL.

    Call if you want more detail.



    Before canards
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    I may have missed it, but how many miles does the odometer have on it? And, about how much of that would you estimate is track?
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    Ran out of pictures to post (10 max per posting).


    I bought it with about 14,000 miles.
    HPDE Track time is likley 25% of 11,000 I have put on it.
    First two yers it did a lot of cars and cafe stuff.

    It has been to Daytona 4 times which is a 1000 mile round trip.
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    Damn thatís a lot of car for $55k. I wish I could buy it and swap the brakes, CF front clam and a bunch of other stuff. Extra wheels with slicks too!! I would of been all over this if you put it up for sale a year ago.

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    Well, nobody has come forward with the cash.

    I'm going to have to pur it with a friend on consignment, as I won't have a place tpo keep it soon. Price will go up to cover his costs. Tick tock!

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