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Thread: Nevada registration

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    Nevada registration

    I'm working on getting my m400 registered in Nevada (currently titled and registered in Michigan). I know the state has a "replica" emissions exemption for vehicles built after 1968 resembling those built before. This is basically the equivalent of California's SB100. I'm working with the VIN inspectors to get my paperwork in order.

    Is this the right path? Does anyone have experience with this process?

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    That seems to be the same for California requirements.
    Make sure you list the vehicle exemption under 1968, otherwise, there will be no emissions exemption applicable in the future.
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    I contacted the emissions lab today in Clark county, and it looks like in order to register as a 1960 body style, I need to bring the car down to them and they'll need to make a judgement call as to whether it is indeed a replica. They want a picture and "reasonable proof" that there is a car manufactured before 1968 that the Noble looks like.

    Are there any cars that an M400 looks like from pre-1968? Is this something Cali folks have to do? if so, what do you all use in California?

    I'm also considering registering in Montana, but I have some concerns about insurance given that the vehicle will live primarily in Nevada. Does anyone have any experience with that instead?

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    Blount County TN is kit/specialty car friendly :-)

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