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Thread: Singer-Williams air cooled 500HP

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    Singer-Williams air cooled 500HP

    Naturally aspirated, air cooled, 4.0L and 500HP? Beauty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phun-ky View Post
    Naturally aspirated, air cooled, 4.0L and 500HP? Beauty!
    Except Williams doesn't even build their own F1 engines....
    Noble M400, Hooverized, 515RWHP/516RWlb-ft (93 octane), 572RWHP/537RWlb-ft (100 octane), "M600/The Black and Blue Beast."
    Porsche 993TT, Protomotive (Protosport) 3.8L, Mahle P/C, GT2 EVO cams, GT3076, 997GT3RSRCup brakes, H&R Clubsport S/S, 650-700HP.
    Porsche 996TSCab, Protomotive (Protosport) 4.0L, TurboRSRCabriolet, 93 Octane and E85, Bilstein PSS10 S/S, 800-1,000HP.
    Audi RS4, MTM Lysholm Opcon twin-screw SC, Laminova A/W IC, Ohlins/Hotchkis, 540HP, "The Cherry Bomb."
    Audi R8 V10, ESS Tuning Whipple 2.9L twin-screw SC, GMG Racing exhaust/130R wheels, H&R lowering springs, Sprint Booster, 760HP, "The Silver Bullet."

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