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Thread: Replacement Plenum / Inlet Manifold

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    Replacement Plenum / Inlet Manifold

    I am planning to install drive by wire on my noble and in looking at throttle body options. On the throttle pedal I plan to use the Audi throttle sensor then a Bosch throttle body.

    As the Bosch throttle bodies come in various sizes I am finding that I will need an adaptor plate to get it to fit to the existing inlet manifold, so this seems like a good time to look at upgrades and go for a larger diameter throttle body.

    What success have you guys had with replacement plenums and what design works the best?

    I have seen pictures of an early turbohoses unit and would be interested to see how it has evolved.



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    The larger TB gets you more peak power from 5600 to redline without having to push more boost.
    The plastic plenums have split with sustained boost.
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    I decided to go DBW last year and as a result thought id do a complete redesign of the entire inlet at the same time... not a fan of the plastic intake as have also destroyed them.

    There isn't going to be an off the shelf Plenum that works for you, you will either have to buy Hoover's one or clean sheet design your own.... my setup won't fit other cars as its specifically designed to fit my fastback.

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