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Thread: Window beading

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    Window beading

    I own a Q1 in South Africa. The beading on top of the doorframe that seals the interior of the side windows has come loose and I damaged it trying to refit it. I emailed Rossion to enquirer about a spare but have received no response. Anyone have any idea where I can source a replacement or an alternative?

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    Can you post a picture. Have you tried contacting Hi-Tech.

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    Hi Tech was liquidated years ago. My mechanic has mutilated the piece trying to get it to fit. It's basically an inner aluminum sleeve folded in a "w" shape to fit over the top of the doorframe. The window side has that "velvety" fabric which rubs up against the window and the side facing the interior is rubber. The aluminum bent when trying to slide the beading over the top of the doorframe (more like over the top of the interior door panel). I can't post a pic right now because the vehicle is in the workshop at the moment.

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