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Thread: The First Noble I ever saw

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    The First Noble I ever saw

    Joel is one of the original owners that I've had the pleasure of his acquaintance and support for over a decade. I met Joel over a decade ago when he was assembling his Noble M12. His car was the one pictured in Road & Track back-in-the-day. He came into my small parts shop and purchased some clamps which are still on the car to this day.

    The car as of today has changed hands twice to another California owner. It was sad to see the car go, but it was time for Wilson, the second owner to pass it on.

    Joel just so happened to stop by when we had his car in the shop and he had one last chance to look back in time.


    The new owner and son are car nuts and travel to Monterey car week every year! This year will be very special for them.
    They normally own vintage cars, so this was a bit of modernization for them. They wanted a car NO creature-comforts and fast- the Noble was the answer.

    During their visit, they saw some of your projects and amazed at some of the work. It really made them feel good to be part of something so boutique.


    It goes
    Without saying that this has and is a long journey.
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    Thanks so much for the retrospective, Hoover, and yes, it was super to see Chassis #70 once again and to know she is going to a good home (even if it is at the wrong end of the state!).

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