Throughout the years, we've received emails when the ecu is bricked from use of the MBE freeware-

This was last week-

Dear sir

I have noble m12 twin turbo v6 3.0L engine management MBE 975

Accidently we lose ecu program and the car doesn’t run any more

What you have solution for my car ,did I send the ecu to you to reprogram it or you can send me the flash e prom to fix it in my ecu .

Need your help

I asked him where he downloaded the software-

He downloaded from website

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On Jan 30, 2017, at 1:09 AM, Hoover <> wrote:

> Where did your tuner get the software?

Nobles have two different ECU's and there's a uber rare third in the M12's.
The computers are unobtanium as far as I know and you born the risk upon yourself should you try and use it. Be careful and understand the risk you are taking.