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Thread: boost control vacuume line routing

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    boost control vacuume line routing

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    Just killing time in my garage so I was looking at the vacuum lines.

    Page 26 of the build manual shows the vacuum line for the Boost Control Valve (the line coming out of the very bottom) teeing into the line that goes to the MAP sensor teeing into the line to the fuel pressure regulator teeing into the intake manifold.

    My car has the vacuum line for the for the Boost Control Valve (the line coming out of the very bottom) going to the intake pipe near my BOV that connects the inter-cooler to the throttle plate.

    Seems to me that the factory setup would be after the throttle plate and my setup that it would be before the throttle.

    My car does have TH's m400 upgrade and a blow off valve.

    Does the general public's vacuum line for the boost control valve go to the tee's for the fuel pressure regulator and the MAP sensor, or does it go to the inter-cooler to throttle hose?

    Thanks in advance

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    I take my Boost control valve signal direct from the turbo itself, pre intercooler. I drilled and tapped a fitting in the housing.

    The Ecu reads the MAP and then tells the Boost control valve its target bleed for the waste gates, by reading closer to the waste gates themselves you get 'faster' control of boost and also removes potential unwanted 'noise' from the MAP and fuel regulator lines etc..... when the throttle is shut the boost control will do nothing anyhow so it being the other side of the throttle doesn't make any detriment to boost control, Id say your vacuum line setup is better than stock.

    Worth mentioning that I would also move the BOV away from the MAP and fuel pressure regulator lines, keep the signal to them clean, you have a line free at the rear of the intake which is blocked off which is easy to use.

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    Double gratitude! Thank you

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