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Thread: If not a Noble...

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    Is there a dream car you'd be willing to daily drive?

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    Ariel Atom 3s?

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    price is no object

    Dauer 962 Le Mans
    Mclaren F1
    Rally Fighter (I live in Colorado, it snows)

    more realistic

    Mini Moke (I want to live on a tropical island)
    Daytona Coupe Replica (what can I say, I love sports racers)
    factory five gtm
    Caymen S or wait until the GTS's come down in price some
    something British (I still love/miss my Lotus Elise)

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    Factory five now has two entrants in here. Shelby essentially listed twice. Koenigsegg a few times, 918s, p1/f1, Porsche GT#.

    I'm surprised the SL-C hasnt come up yet (that i can think of off the top of my head).

    The money is no object cars are entertaining to see as well. I probably already said it, but my money is no object car is a Pagani zonda f roadster.

    Doug, I'm going to have to google a couple of those! Interesting list
    Edit: the mini mike is something different. Neat. Since I've been browsing the forums for years, I think I remember seeing your posts as being very in car designs. Your list definitely shows some deep knowledge in automotive history.
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    I've got so much other stuff I can't list it on my Signature........................
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    2009 MB C63 AMG Tuned
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    Lola T250, T252, T324; Caldwell D10

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    I'll have to hit you up the next time I'm in STL for a tour. I was JUST there the week of 4/18 too...

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    Hah. I'm good continuing to wait for storm trooper's assembly...

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    I'd go for a Factory Five or maybe an Ultima with AC but I'm very happy with the Rossion on my garage

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