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Thread: Fuel Gauge Not Working

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    Fuel Gauge Not Working

    My fuel gauge perpetually reads full plus. When the engine is off, the gauge reads zero. Whenever the engine is turned on, however, it goes straight to full plus regardless of how much or how little fuel is in the tank. I'm hoping it is just a wiring issue as I've heard getting to the sending unit in the tank is a lot of work.

    I examined the tank today and it appears that there is a connector at the top of the tank with two spade connectors on it. Is this the fuel level sensor? There are two wires attached to this connector -- a white/green one towards the rear of the car and a brown one towards the front of the car. I will stick a multimeter on there but for reference, what should the output of that sensor be? Is it possible the wires are reversed? Is there a "polarity" to this connector? They were both attached but "loose". But even after tightening them up the gauge behaved the same.

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    The fuel sensor is in tank with two wires on top near fuel filler as you have described.

    It is a know issue that if the car sat for extended period (years) with little fuel, the sensor will be exposed to the air in the tank and sensor components surfaces will oxidize and the sensor will stop functioning.

    The tank needs to be lowered (not removed from the chassis) to change the sensor, ie car on jack stands.

    Rossion has the sensor listed on there website store.

    To test the sensor, Check the resistance of the two connectors on the sensor with the gauge wire connectors off. Use a Voltmeter set to check resistance (ohms) between the terminals. For example check with tank full of fuel, note the resistance at full level, drive so that fuel level decrease to a lower level ie, half tank and check resistance at that level. If the resistance reading of the sensor didn't change with the sensor arm changing levels in the tank, the sensor is bad, or the SENSOR ARM IS STUCK IN POSITION and not moving. Look in tank and try to move sensor arm with grasper or something(be creative) and see if arm is free to move and if gauge level moves and resistance changes with sensor arm level changes.
    Gregg A. Imel

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    You can see and move the sensor arm from the fill port?

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