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Thread: Missouri Titling

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    Missouri Titling

    Any owners on here titled in Missouri. Or contacts for past owners?
    I'm struggling with Missouri getting passed from Dept of Transportation to Highway Patrol to Natural Resources.

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    There's a MMuenter on this forum, his vehicle is registered in MO.
    Try sending him a PM.
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    Yippie another MO Noble!!!

    Let me know if the DMV stuff worked for you Bill.


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    Going tomorrow. Got printouts in the folder of the rules and your Missouri reg #.
    Everyone keep fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

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    It's all good to go. I think going the day before Christmas and playing stupid was the perfect approach.

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    I am picking up my 1st Noble in 2 days and will register in Kansas...wish me luck guys!

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    BEst of luck

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    Well, did not manage to get it registered.

    During inspection, everything went smoothly. Then on to the DMV...5 hour wait! So I took a number and went about 6 hours later...timed it soon as I walked in, they were calling my number! I thought I was all ready to go, when they noticed that during the inspection they wrote a number incorrectly on the VIN. Due to this error, now I had to go back to the inspection office again...which of course, they were already closed on Friday. So now I have to do all that stupid process again on Monday...grrrrr!!!

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