Noble-Speed Forums Rules

Although the administrators and moderators of Noble-Speed Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this site, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Noble-Speed Forums, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will follow the rules of this forum as follows:


1. Treat everyone with respect. This is first and foremost for good reason. If this rule is followed by everyone, most of the other rules are already met. This means no personal attacks, no rudeness, no condescending attitude, no personal insults, no flaming, no mean spirited sarcasm, no inflammatory remarks, no bullying or any other form of disrespect toward other members. Remember, if the Forum Administration thinks it is disrespectful, it IS disrespectful, regardless of how subtle.

2. Welcome newcomers. When newcomers arrive, welcome them to our community. Help new members learn about how to find information and resources to save them time. Remember, we were all new here at one time or another.

3. Help develop a supportive community. Always display a positive, friendly attitude to other members and respect other opinions. Allow others to freely voice their opinions, even if you disagree with them. Each time you get help from someone on the Forum, pay it forward and support someone else in return.

4. No pornographic content. This forum is aimed at a general audience. Do not post pornographic or generally offensive text, images or links to same.

5. No trolling. Trolling is the act of posting with the sole purpose of creating problems for others.

6. No spam. Spam is not tolerated here under any circumstances. It is cause for an immediate permanent ban.

7. Post in the proper section. The Forum’s topic heading categories are fairly self-explanatory. Try to post under the appropriate heading and, if starting a new thread, use a title that is descriptive of its content.

8. No advertising except in the For Sale section. The Forum has a For Sale section where members can advertise automobiles or automotive parts they are selling. Please confine your sales to the For Sale section of the Forum. This section is intended for private sales only. This section is not open to brokers, dealers or salesmen of same, or to vendors or service centers. Rule of Thumb: If you receive compensation in any form for promoting something that you don’t personally own, like an automobile, part, service, or product, you will be treated as a vendor/dealer. If you are trying to coordinate a “group buy”, please contact the Forum Administration team first.

9. Only Supporting Vendors may post ads for automotive-related products in the Dealers Lounge section of the forum. The Dealers Lounge section is the only place for vendors, service centers, dealers or salesmen to sell products and services, and those products and services must be automotive-related. Only Supporting Vendors will be allowed to advertise their products – for information on becoming a Supporting Vendor, contact the Forum Administrator.

10. Under no circumstances does the Noble-Speed Forum or the Forum Administration team accept any responsibility or liability for products or services purchased through ads on the Noble-Speed Forum. If you purchase a car, parts, products, services, etc., from an ad posted on the Noble-Speed Forum, and it does not meet expectations or the transaction does not go as planned, the Noble-Speed Forum is not responsible in any way. The Noble-Speed Forum does not endorse in any way any of the members, vendors, supporting vendors, etc. that may advertise on the site.

11. All members affiliated with a business related to Nobles or Rossions MUST identify themselves. Any member who is connected in any way with a vendor, manufacturer, service center, reseller, etc., must make it known by stating the connection in their profile, and by sending a PM to the Forum Administration team, so that information can be put in the user’s title.

12. Adhere to Forum Administration requests. Not following the Forums rules can result in a warning or a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the offense. The form of discipline selected is entirely up to the Forum Administration team. If you receive a warning, please do not disregard it. This would result in further action. If you receive a temporary ban, you may not post under any other account. If that happens and you are discovered, you will be banned permanently. Failing to learn from a previous warning or suspension can result in a permanent ban.

13. Rights reserved by Forum Administration. We reserve the right to amend the Forum Rules at any time and to enforce them at our sole discretion. Our goal here is to promote and foster an open and friendly community of Noble and Rossion enthusiasts. Any member who does not follow these very basic rules of conduct and common sense will be viewed as an obstacle to reaching our goal and will be dealt with accordingly. If you feel that someone has violated our rules, please make use of the “Report Post” icon found in the upper right corner of each post or PM the Moderator and include a link to the post in question. Just bring it to our attention and do not try to deal with it yourself. We are here to serve you and to help make sure that you thoroughly enjoy your time spent here. If we all do our part, we will achieve our goal together. We also reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

14. When in doubt, remember Rule #1.