John Ricker's DV2 Mods. more mods and then mod again.

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John Ricker collects cars, lots of cars, lots of vintage cars, lots of import cars (Fast and Furious movie cars/muscle cars.....yes, some of actual movie cars are part of his collection), lots of top-end performance cars that are custom built to order (think Viper). He says that his 2200hp Pro-Street Vette is a "hoot" to drive down the street and his 1400 hp Supra has Turbo Lag. The vintage cars just kinda sit there and don't move. We had his Noble, so he goes out and buys a Ferarri 599 to keep himself busy.

It's obvious that he likes power. When we started building his car, he bought an exhaust system, but wanted something custom. After 200 miles, he parked it and called us two years later. After a few delays with cam work, we were working on some new developments and yes, gotta have them. Like all of us, we are busy people, but I can just shoot him a quick email and wahhhhhlaaaaaa.......a quick response within minutes, "that's cool!!!!!!!!!!"

If John lived in California, I know he'd be here helping us wrench his car, I know it. He's a virtual mechanical whiz and sometimes he can tell me the answer before we know it!!!!!! I think it comes from years of hot rods and racing!!!!!

We've made a ton of gound on his very custom Noble, but there's more mods. to be installed.
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  1. Hoover's Avatar
    Some of the mods. list:
    cams, modified heads, plenum, single turbo with variable valve, clutch, larger radiator, wide wheels and aero-package.
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  3. Hoover's Avatar
    More work and stiffer springs. Lets see if we can get 580 on pump gas!!!!
    That run was 565, but break up at 6400rpm.