It's all about having more............

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One day I received a phone call. The guy was just laughing and couldn't stop. I asked him what was so amusing? He told me, "that all I have to do was pay for his kids college and that's it." The rest of the money is mine, all MINE and his intent was to spend it on his car/s (noble being one of them, the other is his ultima GTR making 1100whp).
OK....and so he did.

Dry sump, track engine, single turbo, big wheels, adjustable suspension, fire system, door bars, shift kit, aero-package, and the list doesn't end..........

We delivered his car and I told him to get about 1000 miles on it. I heard he did that by the next morning and some how with his busy schedule, he cancelled all meetings and took a mini-vacation with his car to show off to his Ultima Gtr buddies in other states where he drove a few states over to show them in person. I told him that he was crazy, he told me that he was supposed to get a 1000 miles on it. OK, he was right and I was wrong.

He's got a small collection of unique cars and shot me an email to ask what was next on the list to build? I had to remind him that he has more than one kid to put through college!!!!

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