Torrey Zaches' Restored M400 Track Monster

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Torrey is the nicest and quietest guy in the WORLD!!!!!
We're lucky, cuz often, we're not the fastest at building cars and that's the truth. Acutally, we always find something better and out comes the motor, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ok, when Torrey's bored, he tracks the 458 and I also saw a Gallardo in our drive way once. Yup, the Noble is still faster, way faster!!!!
He's got more patience than one of those desert spiders that sit under the sand waiting for a lizard to walk by for a meal.

Starting off with the old ChaseCam Noble, we decided to do nearly a ground up repair/upgrade:
Track engine, drysump, single turbo, clutch, baffled fuel tank, brake upgrades, trans. upgrades, short shifter, aero-package,
modified suspension are just some of the things that have been done to date.

His car is just about ready to head to a shake out at the track and we look forward to Torrey's first time running the car at speed.
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Updated 12-11-11 at 08:33 PM by Hoover

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  1. Hoover's Avatar
    Here is an update on the old Chasecam Noble. As Hoover posted above, it's in running condition with only a few very minor issues to be cleaned up. Got brake and light, CHP, and DMV temp registration, so now it can run legally for a few months until I get the BAR appointment for smog exemption. I'll post pictures once everything is done, but wanted to give you my first impression and comparison. Since this was the first time I have ever driven a Noble, I wanted to take it really easy. Nothing worse than wrecking on your first outing. I could tell right away that the ability of the car is 100 x the ability of the driver. I intend to work on this over the next few years, but don't know if I'll ever reach that level.

    Once I got comfortable enough to give it a little gas, I found out how blazingly fast it is. I have never driven anything that goes as fast from 40-120 as the Noble. It just begs you to push it, and is happiest when it's above 5k rpm. I didn't even get close to it's limits on any corners, but was very impressed at how easily it turned in and that it had zero body roll. I brought it by the car club I belong to, and the manager came out to take a spin. He is a car nut and a modified Lotus guy, so he's seen plenty of exotic cars. I let him drive around the block twice, and at the end of it he said, "That is my favorite car of all time. Even better than the 458. What do I have to do to get a car like that?" I told him to check out Turbohoses. Better get that showroom ready, Hoover!

    A big thanks to Hoover, Christian and all the guys at Turbohoses for putting together such a top notch car. They are really sticklers for details and it shows in the final product. You just can't get any better.
  2. Hoover's Avatar

    520whp....we backed down the tune for the new owner.
  3. Hoover's Avatar
    I won't post a pic., Torrey, Congrats. on the California Registration!!!!!!!
  4. Hoover's Avatar

    More tuning!!!!