• Mobile Device Support!

    It's a cold and rainy day over here at Noble-Speed Central, so what better thing to do than to curl up with a warm computer, a nice hot Mocha Cappuccino, and add a few features to the Forum?

    For your enjoyment, we've added mobile device support for your iPhone/iPad/Android/BlackBerry device. All you need to do is install one of the two apps on your device, and you'll get the following benefits over viewing the forum in your device's browser:

    1. Faster browsing - only the forum info is transmitted to your device, instead of the entire web page.

    2. Integration with your device's camera - you can directly upload images from your device to the forum. No more taking a picture, then emailing it to your computer to upload.

    3. Easier reading - all posts are formatted for your mobile device's screen. No microfonts, or having to zoom in on every page.

    4. Easier navigation - without zooming in, ever try to hit the "Go to first new post" icon next to a thread title, or try to choose a page of a multi-page thread? In an app, all navigation is done with finger-sized buttons.

    I'm sure there are more advantages, but those are the ones that made me fork out the few bucks for the app for my iPhone.

    The two apps that have been added are:

    Forum Runner (www.forumrunner.net)
    Tapatalk (www.tapatalk.com)

    Both are available through the app store for your device. All you need is one or the other, not both. The BlackBerry is only supported (at least, so far) by Tapatalk.

    Enjoy, and let me know what you think!