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    we made 515 hp at 16psi. that's 3-4 psi. less than most set ups that make over 500hp.
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    yesterday, Jimbo and I flew to Burbank to change some of the tune, in preparation for the first race of the year.

    the shop's dyno had an rpm pick-up problem, so we worked around it.
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    More tuning!!!!
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    We snapped these before we washed the windows and car....
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    sorry for the bad picture of cnc. Frank used his cheap phone that's just enough to get some kind of pic.
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    I won't post a pic., Torrey, Congrats. on the California Registration!!!!!!!
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    first engine start

    trim fuel, second start
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    blocks all cnc for consistency
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    OK, so Hoover just left my house. The car looks fantastic, and the engine bay is, well, as state of the art as state of the art comes! I can't wait to drive it!!!!
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    I'm ready! Hoover is on his way down here to deliver the car. Then, it's off to Buttonwillow for two days of shake out and getting reaquainted. Hoover tells me that the car will be much stiffer, we upped the hp a bit (around 50 rwhp), and I'm now running full slicks (Yokohamas) instead of DOTs. So, it should be fun as heck!!! I'll keep you posted.
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    Had a long talk with Al today about aero, I learned quite a bit from our discussion and opens my mind to other possibilities.

    Anyone else have any other suggestions as to smooth out the angle?
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    Grapeman is going to try and shake it out this weekend. Last minute details and a quick drive today. The new bushings are stiff....REALLY STIFF!!!!!!!!! No doubt, the suspension needs tuning to get rid of some of the bump steer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoover
    the engine caught parts from an imploded turbo.
    A rebuilt turbo by my friends at Fifth Gear motorsport in Lewisville. It lasted 2000 miles. Motor only had 14k. Anyways Hoover has opened my eyes
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    More work and stiffer springs. Lets see if we can get 580 on pump gas!!!!
    That run was 565, but break up at 6400rpm.
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