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12-12-11, 11:55 AM
The For Sale area
This area is intended to facilitate the person-to-person sale of cars and parts. This area is not for dealers, vendors, brokers, service facilities, shops, parts providers, manufacturers, or any other commercial businesses to sell their products or services. "Group Buy" organizing is allowed, but please contact ForumSuperMod for permission before posting any group buys.

Under no circumstances does the Noble-Speed Forum or the Forum Administration team accept any responsibility or liability for products or services purchased through ads on the Noble-Speed Forum.
If you purchase a car, parts, products, services, etc., from an ad posted on the Noble-Speed Forum, and it does not meet expectations or the transaction does not go as planned, the Noble-Speed Forum is not responsible in any way. The Noble-Speed Forum does not endorse in any way any of the members, vendors, supporting vendors, etc. that may advertise on the site.