View Full Version : Drilled rotors

06-07-13, 01:21 PM
Got this from a customer.

Groove on both driver and passenger side.

It's not the pad or a warped rotor.
Drilled rotors often transfer material where the holes are drilled.


06-07-13, 02:48 PM
And it's only on the outside surface. Brakes work fine, no shudder, grinding etc... Let's see how far it eats away!

06-27-13, 12:57 PM
Figured out the problem! The button head screws holding the pad retainers were rubbing on the rotor. You can see in the photo how the side of the button head is worn away. They are tight on both sides and all the way screwed in. The caliper is slightly closer to the outside surface than to the inside, consistently on both sides of the car. No way to adjust it. It is in the way the caliper mounts to the carrier.
I ground a little extra off the button head. Should have no further issues as the caliper does not move relative to the rotor. BTW- These grooves were on the rotors when I got the car brand new! Anyone else have this on their Rossion?