View Full Version : Back up lights dont work

12-10-11, 04:16 PM
I checked the connector on top of the trans and no power to or from--
what would be the suggested course of action from here after I check the fuses again--
anybody know which fuse controls the back up lights?

Also when I checked the fuses I had just washed and Zaino;d the car and the floor under the fuses were damp--

PLease remember I am very limited in my knowledge about this stuff so the mo simple the mo betta please and thank you-


12-10-11, 05:16 PM
I just went outside and checked mine and there is no power on either side with the lights activated and my backup lights work just fine. Unless there is a problem with my tester I dont think that there should be any power in those wires, they just complete the connection.

12-10-11, 05:42 PM
thanks for checking----------

12-10-11, 08:19 PM
i bet it's the connector. we've had tons of them go bad.

12-11-11, 05:13 AM
My reverse light switch connections were actually corroded away, I had to order a new one.

12-11-11, 11:52 AM
Even if thats not my problem i still need to replace the connections-do you happen to remember where you got your replacements from and any part numbers i might need?
thanks in advance!!

12-11-11, 12:20 PM
i have to check our inventory.
we often replace the pig tail and the parts come from the u.k.

will call you tomorrow.

12-11-11, 01:04 PM
i got my revers switch from www.fordpartsuk.com

Hoover and Rossion did not have the part in stock at the time. I think Rossion has the pigtail with the appropriate connector on their website thats fits the revers light switch if Hoover doesnt have it.

I just soldered some wire on the actual switch and filled it with silicone so it cant corrode away again and then put my own waterproof connector on.

12-11-11, 01:36 PM
thanks all for the help.
I would rather get from Hoover-- just had to buy a set of horns from Rossion-- i was told it was the perfect replacement-
the two horns they sent were identical-- if you notice they are not identical ---shaped a little differently and each is a different note on the stock ones--
i had no choice but to use what they sent..

12-12-11, 03:00 PM
give me a call.
i have a few connectors, but they can be set up to your needs.