View Full Version : My thoughts on Torik... Noble Builder

06-09-12, 02:00 PM
If your car was built by Torik (I believe I spelled that right) you should probably go through it pretty well. I'm finding places where tape was used and probably shouldn't have been i.e. my ebrake tensioner. This is pretty sloppy work for a car that cost 97k assembled...


06-09-12, 06:13 PM
As it turns out, problems with Torik builds were pretty general knowledge among the original Noble owners. I doubt if he built any cars that did not have to be "re-built" :(.

06-10-12, 05:39 AM
haha... Great. I think I've found most of the problems now. I still need to realign the car which he did a sloppy job on but I think I've just about covered all the other bases. Thank goodness I'm a decent mechanic...


06-10-12, 09:33 AM
The duct tape on the tensioner in the tunnel was a 1Gracing/ Factory thing. Agree with your observations.

06-10-12, 07:02 PM
Hope all goes well. We all run into small bumps in owning one of these rad toys. Enjoy

06-11-12, 06:29 PM
Thanks. The real fun begins this weekend when I start the engine swap on my evo. I am a lot more concerned about that than anything with the Noble. It's my first motor swap in years...


06-12-12, 10:19 AM
what's wrong with your evo?

06-12-12, 02:32 PM
Nothing. I built a new motor for it and I'm replacing all the stock/semi stock stuff for higher power goodies. Looking for 700+ whp and max rpms at 9k... I'll post some pics in the other cars section once I get going.